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I have suffered with snoring my whole life. Going to this doctor has changed my life through this therapy. It has helped with snoring, indigestion, headaches, and not being able to sleep through the night. It is easy to do and Patti is a joy to work with. Thank you Patti!

To say I was reluctant to begin myofunctional therapy is an understatement! It was all so foreign to me. Patti sensed my hesitation and immediately encouraged me and put me at ease. She is an expert at explaining the why and how of each exercise. Her willingness to demonstrate was also very helpful.....and at times quite comical! Patti is very professional and personable all at the same time. My sleep apnea has improved dramatically. As an added bonus, Patti's advice on proper breathing during exercise has made a huge difference in my endurance. I highly recommend Patti and myofunctional therapy. Leah Prigge

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