Comprehensive Initial Exam

Required before initiating therapy to evaluate individual therapy needs.

$150 (60-80 minutes)

Myofunctional Therapy Is Broken Down In Three Phases

Intensive Phase I

Covers muscle control and coordination, nasal breathing, proper tongue and lip resting posture, proper body posture, swallowing mechanics and habit elimination. These are the "tools" you will need in your toolbox to practice good habits for a lifetime.

Habituation Phase II

Takes all the "tools" learned in Phase I and begins to apply them consistently to properly and effectively chew, drink and swallow as well as maintaining the proper tongue and lip resting postures, proper breathing and proper body posture for longer time periods. 

Retention Phase III

Continued habituation of skills learned in Phases I & II and integration of these habits and skills into your lifestyle.

Ages 9 and Above

$85/ session

Mini -Myo Therapy

Game-based exercises for younger children ages 4-8 years old to begin working on the basics of proper oral function.

$50/ session


Myofunctional Therapy services are available for both in-person and online!
Don't see a time available that works for you? Call my office at 208-314-6065, as additional times may be available.